Friday, September 15, 2006

Draxian Fax

Draxis has two land masses. The largest, which is the size of Australia, is Greater Galacia. The smaller, off the southeast coast of Greater Galacia, is Lesser Galacia, and is about the size of Madagascar. The equatorial regions are arid desert, except where farm lands have been cultivated around major cities. The Tabanaii or temperate regions are mild but temperatures fall well below freezing at night. The sky is a darker shade than Earth's, more teal than bright blue. Draxis has three moons, and a hotter sun.

Fire is outlawed. All crimes have one punishment--execution. The integrity of the Draxian genetics is ensured through culling rituals. Although in some ways Draxis is an advanced society, the Purist faith prohibits all but swords, knives and batans as weapons. Draxis is ruled by a monarchy from an unbroken bloodline, however the power and political might of the Purist Temple allows the Temple to operate like a realm within a realm. Both the Crown and the Temple have a council that assists the leadership with decisions regarding law and religion, respectively.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

About Draxis…

It is said that all stories follow one of only a handful of basic formulas, and any well-crafted work of fiction will mold itself to a time-tested standard.

When I started writing Draxis, I had no idea that I was embarking on a literary journey that was, in essence, a retelling of the Legend of King Arthur. That's what it evolved into, without it being my intent.

Of course, there are a few notable twists to my story, but the characters fall into place in near perfect parallels.

The noble King Alii'us (A LEE’ us), who laid claim to the throne of Draxis only after a test that proved him as the rightful heir.

The wise and mysterious physician, Arcidem Tekk, a Merlin of sorts with the power of medicine as his magic and the knowledge to influence and manipulate the future.

Katrina Wells, the reluctant and bewildered Queen Guinevere, who struggles to understand her importance in an alien society as she rises to become the legend that has preceded her.

Timmar Lokk, the last of the Dumarrakhan, an ancient, dark order of warriors and assassins, and the Black Knight of Draxis.

Captain Tram Tell, a man driven by duty, but torn by the circumstance of his birth and the hushed rumors of his secret heritage. But is he Lancelot....or Mordred?

Altus -- the Draxian Morgana Le Fey – a seductive embodiment of greed and corruption who hides behind a shield of righteousness, and awaits his chance to destroy King Alii’us and once again bend the world of Draxis to his will.

And Draxis itself, the magnificent realm that arose from the ashes of a much earlier, much more glorious empire that perhaps predated–and shaped--all civilizations on Earth. Draxis represents Camelot, the utopian society bound by law, religion and a code of honor.

The Stone of Tixor equates to The Sword in the Stone, that which holds the power to determine the ruler.

And just like Camelot, what is ultimately at stake is the destruction of the empire.

Monday, July 24, 2006

About Draxian Trilogy... This blog was created as a companion to my Draxian Trilogy series. This work blends fantasy, legend, science fiction and myth into a world not beyond possibility, and maybe not so different from our own—or from what our own might have been.

Book 1 centers on Katrina Wells, a woman who is abducted from a campsite in Iowa and carried across time and space. Thrust into a vortex of political intrigue and opposing powers, she finds herself in a world where her own legend has preceded her. Believing she has fallen victim to mistaken identity, Katrina finds herself pursued by the king, protected by a captain, stalked by a deadly assassin, and at odds with the High Priest—an influential man who has much to gain by her defection.

Katrina soon learns her role is much greater than she imagined, for she may be the key to survival for an empire in decline—a realm that predates all civilization on Earth.

Welcome to the world of Draxis...

Draxis World Building