Monday, July 24, 2006

About Draxian Trilogy... This blog was created as a companion to my Draxian Trilogy series. This work blends fantasy, legend, science fiction and myth into a world not beyond possibility, and maybe not so different from our own—or from what our own might have been.

Book 1 centers on Katrina Wells, a woman who is abducted from a campsite in Iowa and carried across time and space. Thrust into a vortex of political intrigue and opposing powers, she finds herself in a world where her own legend has preceded her. Believing she has fallen victim to mistaken identity, Katrina finds herself pursued by the king, protected by a captain, stalked by a deadly assassin, and at odds with the High Priest—an influential man who has much to gain by her defection.

Katrina soon learns her role is much greater than she imagined, for she may be the key to survival for an empire in decline—a realm that predates all civilization on Earth.

Welcome to the world of Draxis...

Draxis World Building