Friday, September 15, 2006

Draxian Fax

Draxis has two land masses. The largest, which is the size of Australia, is Greater Galacia. The smaller, off the southeast coast of Greater Galacia, is Lesser Galacia, and is about the size of Madagascar. The equatorial regions are arid desert, except where farm lands have been cultivated around major cities. The Tabanaii or temperate regions are mild but temperatures fall well below freezing at night. The sky is a darker shade than Earth's, more teal than bright blue. Draxis has three moons, and a hotter sun.

Fire is outlawed. All crimes have one punishment--execution. The integrity of the Draxian genetics is ensured through culling rituals. Although in some ways Draxis is an advanced society, the Purist faith prohibits all but swords, knives and batans as weapons. Draxis is ruled by a monarchy from an unbroken bloodline, however the power and political might of the Purist Temple allows the Temple to operate like a realm within a realm. Both the Crown and the Temple have a council that assists the leadership with decisions regarding law and religion, respectively.

Draxis World Building