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It's Balloon Fiesta Time!

Totally off blog theme, but I just wanted to talk about one of our wonderful traditions here in the Albuquerque area. This is home to the largest hot air balloon rally in the world--The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Every year the city hosts hot air balloons from around the world--normally between 500 - 700. Each Saturday and Sunday morning involves a mass assension of hundreds of balloons. Many evenings there is a magical Balloon Glow event, where the balloons are tethered and burned on countdown. It's impossible to describe without witnessing it in person, but imagine standing in a herd of fire breathing dragons. When those balloons light up, the roar of the burners and the heat of the flames, along with the incredible glow of those massive shapes is an experience like few others.

This is a big event. A huge event. On weekends, there can be 100,000+ people on the balloon field. Spectators are allowed right into the midst of the waves of balloons as they are stretched out, cold inflated and then hot inflated, stood up, and launched. The launch crews all dress up in various costumes with a Zebra theme. Balloons travel here from all over the world. Because of the Sandia Mountain range and the unique wind patterns of the Rio Grande Valley, this is a mecca for balloonists. Our weather this time of year is pretty spectacular too--bright, sunny, cool mornings and warm days.

Our balloon fiesta been called the most photographed event in the world. The Rose Parade is #2, if you can believe that. As residents it's sometimes a love/hate relationship. We love the festive atmosphere, the flurry of activity, the amazing sight of hundreds of colorful balloons stretched out across our horizon, the art shows, craft fairs, concerts and events that accompany it. But then there's also the traffic, and the clogged restaurants, and the traffic, and the booked-full flights, and the traffic, and the packed malls and theatres, and the traffic, and the waiting lines every where you go, and did I mention the traffic?

Let me share a few images with you in other posts below. Of course it's nothing like standing up-close-and-personal, but still a lot of fun to look at.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Determination and Other Ramblings

My partner's name is Murphy, and he's a legislator. (hehe Think about it.)

I no sooner set up a post schedule than I lose high-speed internet. After a 20 minute wait to sign on to this blog, I is here to post! Determination is a necessary trait in writers, so I am told. :) Of course, by now frustration has robbed me of what I was going to blog about, so guess I'll just wing it.

Good readin'.

Those fascinating MCs from Fantasy and Sci-Fi are queueing up for interviews across the internet. Admiral Branden Kel-Paten, one of Linnea Sinclair's best loved MCs from GAMES OF COMMAND stands for questions this week on the Alien Romance blog.

You'll notice a couple of questions came from Yours Truly, however, I must confess that I was channeling a certain enigmatic female captain that I happen to know very well. She's quite intrigued with Kel-Paten and his abilities, don't ya know. Oh and his standing as an admiral? Doesn't intimidate her. After all, she has one in the family.

Admiral Kel-Paten only granted his request after Lisa Shearin's powerful Conclave Guardian, Mychael Eliesor, from MAGIC LOST TROUBLE FOUND agreed to a round on the hot seat on Lisa's blog. And he followed Raine Benares (POV MC, MLTF)., that is, Admiral Kel-Paten has some interesting things to say, and I don't think he agreed to this Q&A session without considerable coercion from both Sass and Linnea. Better enjoy it while it lasts.

I have to say, this new age of accessibility to some of our favorite MCs is certainly enlightening. :)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Posting Days

In order to more effectively manage my time (i.e. have more time for writing and revisions!!!) I'm going to adhere to the following schedule going forward. (Really, I am. heh heh heh).

Draxian Trilogy

Spacefreighters Lounge

Toasted Scimitar

Weekends...OFF! :) But I may pop in if the mood strikes me.


Here's a new series of posts I'm starting.

The "Recommended" items could be books, tips, websites, authors, blogs, or endorsements of just about anything.

Check the POSTS BY TOPIC list at right for a quick look at posts of "Recommended!" things. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sometimes the Dragon Wins

(A.k.a. Some of my Favorite Quotes.)

The unread story is not a story;
it is little black marks on wood pulp.
The reader, reading it, makes it live:
a live thing, a story.

- Ursula K. Le Guin

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Admiral Kel-Paten Stands for Questions

Linnea Sinclair has convinced her reluctant male protagonist of GAMES OF COMMAND to submit to questions from his readership (after much arm-twisting and bribery).

The brilliant human/cyborg Triad admiral captured the imagination of many a reader, according to Linnea's favorite character survey on her Intergalactic Bar and Grille website. Is there anything you'd like to ask him about his relationship with Captain Tasha "Sass" Sebastian? About his career as a Triad officer? About his state-of-the-art ship, the much-feared Vaxxar? Or his telepathetic conversations with Tank the Furzel?

Linnea will be accepting questions for Admiral Branden Kel-Paten this week, which he will begin answering next week.

Check out Linnea's post on the Alien Romances blog for more information.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Draxian-Related Short Story

Over on Toaster Scimitar, we had an assignment last week to write a short fiction piece. As my contribution to the effort, I took a scene from Draxis (that no one has read yet) flipped the perspective to a minor character and had him relate the story from first person POV. He reveals this tale as just one tiny thread in the fabric of a much larger epic.

It was a lot of fun to write and a superb exercise for me. If you have any interest hop over and give it a read. Remember this is a raw draft (so you may need to be a tad forgiving). I wrote it on Sunday, posted it on Tuesday. If it was something I was going to market, it would have a grueling journey through the critique gauntlet ahead, but I think you might find it an entertaining read even "as is".

Look the post called "Short Fiction--Laurie", entitled The Recruit.

Oh, and check out our Scavenger Hunt while you're there. We have amassed some great prizes for the winner. It will kick off within the next 24 hours. :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

This is a collectible word. ::: grin :::

Wondering what this post is all about? There's a cross-blog Scavenger Hunt underway. Read the details at

Prizes will be awarded. You're welcome to join in the fun.

Edited: AND WE HAVE A WINNER! Thank you everyone for your interest in the Great Scavenger Hunt. It was a blast.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Draxian Trilogy a Scavenger Stop

Draxian Trilogy is participating in the cross-blog Scavenger Hunt to be hosted this weekend by Toasted Scimitar.

Check out the Hub Site for rules, information and a list of prizes.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Vocabulary Game #1

Another Contest. :)

Test your vocabulary. Be the first to get the answer right, and win the colorful mug at left.

"Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?" --T.S. Eliot

Here are the rules:

1. See the definitions of a word below.
2. Guess the word, type it in a comment. Spelling must be correct.
3. First to make a correct guess in a comment wins.


1. An exclusive and unquestionable right belonging to a person or body of persons
2. Any characteristic privilege peculiar to a person or class
3. Precedence; pre-eminence

*Definitions are from a vintage 1969 Funk & Wagnalls Standard Encyclopedic Dictionary.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Name That "Actor"

OK, I confess...

I hired an "actor" to play the part of Draxis on my blog. You can see this talented "personality" pictured at the upper right. I was very pleased to find such a perfect representation of the "character." Definitely had the look I was going for. ;)

Soooo, I'm gonna slip in a surprise contest. Very simple rules. They are:

Be the first to guess the name of the actual heavenly body that was hired to play "Draxis" by stating it in a comment on this post and win this fabulous prize (which sports a fitting phrase for either writers or readers, don't ya think?):

Alternate Universe
in progress

from Cafe Press

Hint: If you're stumped, check out some of the reference links to space photos on my blog to help you with your research.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Ensemble Casts

Have you ever noticed how some of the best stories (or story lines) in the big or small screen occur when dynamic ensemble casts are involved? Here are two of my favorites ensembles casts:

[Pictured are the casts of Grey's Anatomy and Firefly/Serenity]

An ensemble provides an array of personalities and POVs to explore, and creates more complex character interaction and plots. Although one or two characters are normally the focus (Meredith Grey in the case of Grey's Anatomy and Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly) different individuals may take turns being in the forefront of the plot.

In writing novels, the drawback to an ensemble cast is that the novel needs to have a greater word length in order to capture all the story lines in any level of detail. A picture IS worth a thousand words, and having six individuals involved in a discussion on screen can easily be taken in and interpretted. Trying to describe a scene among six individuals in prose is quite a feat. Ensemble casts don't always translate as well--or as easily--into print.

I'm curious:

If you're a writer, do you tend to lean toward ensemble casts in your books, or do you stick with one or two main characters?

If you're a reader, what sort of story do you prefer? One with multiple characters and more complex interaction, or a focus on one or two main characters through whom the story is related?

Do you have any favorite books involving an ensemble group of characters you'd recommend?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Congrats "Flick"

OK, I just gotta share.

Just heard from my critique-buddy Flick, currently living it up on a yacht in Greece (*sigh*) who emailed to tell me she has sold one of her novels. I'm so psyched.

OK, she won the 'Who's Gonna Get Published First' contest. And I lost. But I'm still psyched.

Congrats Flick!

Here's hoping it's the first of many...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sometimes the Dragon Wins

More of my favorite quotes. These have a book or writing related theme.

All stories teach us something, and promise us something, whether they're true or invented, legend or fact.
- Stewart O'Nan

Buying books would be a good thing if one could also buy the time to read them in: but as a rule the purchase of books is mistaken for theappropriation of their contents.
- Arthur Schopenhauer

The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.
- Muriel Rukeyser

To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research.
-Steven Wright

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Check out my sister blog--The Toasted Scimitar--for a review of Linnea Sinclair's latest Science Fiction Romance, THE DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES, due out on November 27, 2007.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Spoilers: The Struggle Between Too Little and Too Much

Some thoughts after reactivating the Draxian Trilogy blog:

How much do I share about the story without spoiling the plot for future readers?

A thin line, that.

There is so much for the reader to discover in this story about the characters, their world and their journey that I think it best left to the future read. On the other hand, I'd hope to spur a potential readership with intriguing clues that generate interest in the myths and theories that comprise the backstory.

Some of my fellow bloggers who are already published authors post excerpts from their novels that ended up on the cutting room floor. I don't have that luxury (yet) but I do have enough drafts stored on my hard drive that I can offer you plenty of extricated scenes; ones that I'm quite confident an editor or agent will never see.

Hopefully, it will be enough to give my site visitors a taste of my style and voice without spoilers and without ruining the experience of discovering the world of Draxis.


Buehler? Buehler? Anybody? Anybody? :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thoughts on a Pen Name

To pseudonym...or not to pseudonym. That is the question.

My name is quite common. In fact, I've Googled other authors with the same name, except none of them appear to be Science Fiction/Futuristic/Paranormal Romance writers. And while it's also fairly easy to live with, I don't know if it would help to sell books. It's a bit flat and ordinary, ya know?

I'm curious to know any opinions or comments on this topic. I'd love to hear from some of my published fellow bloggers who do, or do not, use a pseudonym. Did you give this a lot of thought prior to publishing? Did your agent or editor have input? If so, did your particular genre play into the selection?

I wouldn't want a pen name that's too blatant. Laurie Starbuck? Laurie Lightsaber? Laurie Planethopper. Uh no, don't think so.

I was kicking around Laurie J. Oneida. Why? Well, I once did some geneology research and Oneida was the name of the county some of my ancestors lived in after they immigrated from Scotland and England. I don't remember the other details right now, but the name Oneida surfaced more than once in connection with my family tree. It ties to my roots and I like that. I also like the word association of Oneida to silver to computer circuitry. (OK, a bit of a stretch, but that's how my mind works.)

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Snippets From Work

Since my livelihood has this annoying habit of intruding into my writing time ::: smirk ::: I sometimes have to be quick and creative. So often my Muse comes to call while I'm on the clock, and I have this brilliant stroke of genius...but I have ten items on my Must Do Yesterday! list and a meeting with the boss in three minutes. I don't have time to jot it all down now, and I won't be home for hours. By then...*poof* It's gone. So I email myself little snippets to try to jog my memory to recreate the scene later.

Here are a few of my inspired shorthand gems. Pretend it's a word puzzle. See if you can figure out what my cryptic messages mean. (And good luck!) Hint: At least one of these is a famous quote. LOL

Sh ddnt hr ftsps on tl

Th flg flyg ovhd ws bl nt grn

Gv m a tl shp & a st t str hr by

If u cl mltng n2 a pl of lqd survng

[I'll post answers later.] ;)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sometimes the Dragon Wins

...or Some of my Favorite Quotes

I'll make this an ongoing article. Quotes can have such a boost to motivation and the determination to succeed. So often the right quote at just the right time has pulled me out of the doldrums of self-doubt and moved me forward toward my goal at warp speed. It seems many of the most inspiring quotes can be applied to the writer's personal journey to publication. (Or maybe it's just something I'm obsessed with.) Here are just a few to kick off this series. Click on the "Favorite Quotes" label to pull up a list of these articles at any time.

Sometimes the Dragon Wins

(C) Me and a friend?

This may be an original. It was inspired by a greeting card. You may have seen it. The monstrous dragon staring down at the tiny knight who's holding up a very ineffective shield. The verbage? No guts, no glory. Amen. Back in the days when I was a reserve police officer, a fellow female officer and I came up with this quote. It was a reminder that the good guys don't always overcome the bad forces out there all of the time. It applies to writing as well, because in order to have a good story, you need to have struggle and conflict. Things don't always go well for the protagonists, because the antogonists must have their day too, just like in real life. What separates a great protag from an ineffective one is overcoming great difficulty, testing his/her courage to the limit. The moral, for protags and writers alike? Never give up.

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.

--Winston Churchill

Very profound when you think about it. This World War II era quote was long before the days of PCs, Microsoft and other world-changing products that built dynasties and garnered fortunes to rival many third world country economies. These were products of the imagination, of asking "What if..." and pure determination to make the dream a reality. Much like writing, that. :) And think of the leaps and bounds made by NASA, the Hubble telescope, and the scientific world in the last decade because of the power of human thought and imagination. The empires of the future Churchill foresaw were indeed mind empires.

Creation is an act of sheer will!

Not sure how to credit this. It was a direct quote by the John Hammond character in the original Jurassic Park film. But it so applies to writing! So often it's mind (and tons of determination) over matter. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Look for more Favorite Quotes in future articles.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Crash Proofing

If you're a writer, like I am, then you have a huge investment of time in your craft. As I discovered recently, after a near disaster with my hard drive, there are some simple ways of protecting that investment.

Here's some idea to help you avoid losing hours (or even days, months or years) of hard work. Crashes happen. It's not a matter of if, but when. And with their demise goes all your hard work...unless you've taken steps to crash proof. Yes, there are external hard drives or backup systems, but there are also much more unlikely catastrophies such as fires, major floods, natural calamities or burglaries that can not only rob you of your computer, but also any available backup storage systems on the premises.

Here are three quick and easy ways to crash proof your work, no matter WHAT happens to your computer or work space.

1. Google gmail

If you have a blogspot, you already have a Gmail account. If not, it costs nothing to get one. Gmail comes with huge amounts of storage built into your mail system. Simple g-mail updated drafts of your WIP(s) to yourself regularly. In case of catastrophic event, they can be accessed from anywhere that has internet capability.

2. Thumb drives

The carry-your-babies-with-you solution. Thumb drives have become quite inexpensive and easy to use. Just plug into a USB port on your computer, back up your latest work and then store outside your home. I keep two in my purse, one in my car. Other places to store them could be a safe deposit box (not very convenient unless you make frequent trips to your bank), a trusted relative's or friend's house, or at work, depending on your situation. Another advantage to this option is that you can work on your novel anywhere and anytime you have access to a computer with a USB port.

3. Post to a Website (such as Critique Circle)

Use caution here. Be sure it's a reputable website with privacy in place so that only you can access your work. I recommend CritiqueCircle because it's a site I'm familiar with. CC gives the added advantage of having my critiques stored along with my work.

I'm sure there are many other solutions, but these three worked the best for me. Whatever you do, please do use one or more methods of crash proofing your work. A WIP is a terrible thing to waste.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Critique Circle: Where I Am When I'm Not Blogging

I discovered Critique Circle a year and a half ago upon recommendation of a fellow writer. It's been a wonderful tool for improving my writing and communicating with other writers. There's nothing more motivational then talking to your peers.

I have a 'core group' of about 16 critters who I work with on a regular basis, but I've probably exchanged crits with upwards of 50 or 60 members in the seventeen months I've been a member. I call writing without feedback "writing in a vacuum". I think we have a tendency toward tunnel vision if we don't get input from others. Sometimes things don't translate from mind to paper as clearly as they should. Other times, something may be stated in twenty words that should only take five or six to keep it crisp and concise. Sometimes scenes fall flat. Or emotions that should be turned up to high volume are too muffled. My crit partners have helped me in all these areas.

If you'd like to investigate Critique Circle, here's the site address:

Have fun. :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


...of the Draxian Trilogy blog begins today, August 1, 2007.

Look forward to a future BLOG PARTY to celebrate, probably sometime in September.

I have some great writer-related prizes to give out. :)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

On World Building

One of the aspects I most enjoy about writing is creating believable yet strange worlds for my MCs to roam. When creating a culture, I like to throw in contradictions or idiosyncracies that add interest to the setting, just as it does with characters. Having the ability to manipulate a universe is one of the joys of writing Fantasy or Sci-Fi.

Creating many layers for a fictional culture is what helps bring it to life. History, religions, traditions and laws can shape a civilization just as effectively as the climate or terrain of the world. Laws and traditions can be a powerful influence, even when the meaning or reason behind them has been lost.

On Draxis, it's the universal religion of the planet that dictates all weapons must be primitive (in stark contrast to their advanced aerospace technologies, genetics and other sciences). Their traditions often clash with their scientific knowledge. Not unlike Earth, in that regard. ;)

Monday, July 23, 2007

T-Minus Eight Days and Counting...

I've set the date for the relaunch of this blog as August 1, 2007.

I hope to have a lot of new articles and information to post in the month of August and beyond.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Expect More Soon

As I finish work on my Sci-Fi Romance that's the focus on my other blog, Spacefreighters Lounge, I'll be posting a lot more on Draxian Trilogy, my much-neglected 'older sister' blog. :/

Expect edited excerpts from the story, articles, links, graphics, polls and other fun stuff. I may even throw in a contest or two down the, star lane.

Don't want to give too much away about the plot, but Draxis (working title) is a Slipstream that blends Science Fiction Romance with Futuristic Fantasy, and has a premise based in ancient myth and legend.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Check out my Spacefreighters blog for a review of the science fiction romance GAMES OF COMMAND by Linnea Sinclair.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sister Blogs

My sister blogs tend to be a bit rowdier than "orderly and serene" Draxis, so enter at your own risk:

Spacefreighters' Lounge: An watering hole for legitimate United Space Authority-sanctioned pilots and outlaw space pirates alike. The center of my blog universe. Be sure to check out this site for the latest in Sci-Fi and Futuristic Fantasy muse motivators, science news, related genre book reviews, great links, and commentary.

The Toasted Scimitar: A Fantasy Pub (do you sense a theme here?) run by me and three of my rowdiest Fantasy writer pals. Read inspired articles on Fantasy-related subjects, book reviews, and enjoy some Fantasy-style tavern chatter and news. Be sure to leave your weaponry at the door. Brawls are strictly prohibited by the management. (Oh yeah, like that's going to work!)

Blog Successfully Updated

Draxian Trilogy was successfully updated to the new blog format today--June 30, 2007.

This means less frustration for the author, and that translates to...more posts!

Stay tuned. ;)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

"Grief is the price we all pay for love." -- Gretchen Jackson, 2007

May your Memorial Day observances include
the good memories along with the grief.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Ugh! Too Much Blogging!

OK, I admit it. I've become a blog addict. I check out a link, find a blog, read a bit and maybe comment, find another link, find another blog, read a bit, post or find another link, etc. etc. etc.

I learn tons and get some great ideas. So what's the downside? It's cutting into my very limited writing time. I may have to go on a blog diet. Or institute blog rationing. Or set a timer. Or something.

Writers are easily distracted you know.

OK. ::: forces hands away from keyboard and back to manuscript ::: Time to do some serious editing. (Although *sigh* blogging is much more fun.) :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Other Blogs vs. This Blog

My Spacefreighters' Lounge blog has been coming along and I'm quite pleased with the results. It has a number of links to the latest news on scientific breakthroughs or the universe in general, a news and video feed, and (of course) my ongoing commentary on the Firefly series. There are also several excellent Firefly video links (mostly fan tributes) and even some links to information on how to design a starship. It has already garnered over 360 visitors in just a couple of weeks. The site is meant to inspire and be a source of information for Science Fiction and Science Fantasy writers, and as the name implies, to be a galactic watering hole where writers can just come hang out, read and comment. Feel free to check it out. Link:

Since I'm also now involved in a Fantasy blog with three other co-bloggers, this one now needs its own individual focus. I'd like to channel it toward the emerging sub genres combining Science Fiction, Science Fantasy and Paranormal with Romance. I may consider a name change and a new look down the road.

That's the scoop. Feel free to comment. :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mom's Day 2007

I'm not a mom, so to commemorate Mother's Day here's a pic of my mom-in-residence, "Africa" along with pics of kiddo #1 (a 2006 bay filly) and kiddo #2 (a 2007 chestnut colt).

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

A dozen roses for you >>> @@@@@@@@@@@@

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

On World Building

One of the aspects I most enjoy about writing is creating believable yet strange worlds for my MCs to roam. When creating a culture, I like to throw in contradictions or idiosyncracies that add interest to the setting, just as it does with characters. Having the ability to manipulate a universe is one of the joys of writing fantasy or sci-fi (IMHO).

Creating many layers for a fictional culture is what helps bring it to life. History, religions, traditions and laws can shape a civilization just as effectively as the climate or terrain of the world. Laws and traditions can be a powerful influence, even when the meaning or reason behind them has been lost.

On Draxis, it's the universal religion of the planet that dictates all weapons must be primitive (in stark contrast to their advanced aerospace technologies, genetics and other sciences). Their traditions often clash with their scientific knowledge. Not unlike Earth, in that regard. ;)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Time and Reality

The subject may not be what you think. ;) No indepth analysis of Einstein's theories here (I'd be grossly out of my league). This post is a comment on the very limited time available to most writers, since most of us must hold down a "day job" or a business, run a household and raise kids, or have a variety of other distractions that impact our available time to write, research, network with other writers (critique and comment), or post to blogs and various writer's websites.

When I look at my schedule, I wonder how I manage to get anything done. But even with eleven hour days (work hours and commute), running a horse farm, managing two households (hubby is in the military), and standard chores like grocery shopping, paying bills, maintaining somewhat of a tenuous contact with relatives to let them know I'm still living (ha!), I still find time—or make the time—to write novels. I often miss self-imposed deadlines and get frustrated with the long and tedious process of edits and revisions, but still, I make progress.

*chants softly to self* We shall overcome. We shall overcome.

The most difficult thing for me is when my muse comes to call, and my mind goes into 'writing mode' but there's no way possible to write. All those fabulous scenes and sections of dialogue are whizzing through my head, but...I have to go to work, or see to a horse, or catch a flight, or I'm already late for an appointment. Such is the writer's life. :/

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Triple Crown?

Just one more post that's off the writing topic--to make my after race commentary, y'understand. Wow! What a race. Street Sense possesses the 'Three Ts' that can make a TC winner--Talent, Tactical speed and Turn of foot. Have we just seen the start of something great? We'll know in the next two to five weeks.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Back in the saddle again...

Hey, it's Derby Day. The post title seems fitting. :) Just a quick note before I rush off to watch Curlin win the blanket of roses. (Okay, we'll see in about an hour how prophetic that statement is.) As some of you know, in addition to being a writer, I also breed Thoroughbreds. I have a lot of reasons for liking Curlin including his resume', his running style and his trainer. (I'll 'splain my statement if anyone cares. ha!) OK, I'm off to watch the pre-race hooplah. May all your bets be winning ones...and may all these great horses have a safe trip.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back From Hiatus...

I've taken a hiatus from both Draxis and my blog to write a new soft sci-fi novel that is now in entering its final draft stages, so I'm back with a new post.

I intend to add more frequent posts as I begin work once again on the first book of the trilogy (for which this blog is named).

Draxis World Building