Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Other Blogs vs. This Blog

My Spacefreighters' Lounge blog has been coming along and I'm quite pleased with the results. It has a number of links to the latest news on scientific breakthroughs or the universe in general, a news and video feed, and (of course) my ongoing commentary on the Firefly series. There are also several excellent Firefly video links (mostly fan tributes) and even some links to information on how to design a starship. It has already garnered over 360 visitors in just a couple of weeks. The site is meant to inspire and be a source of information for Science Fiction and Science Fantasy writers, and as the name implies, to be a galactic watering hole where writers can just come hang out, read and comment. Feel free to check it out. Link:

Since I'm also now involved in a Fantasy blog with three other co-bloggers, this one now needs its own individual focus. I'd like to channel it toward the emerging sub genres combining Science Fiction, Science Fantasy and Paranormal with Romance. I may consider a name change and a new look down the road.

That's the scoop. Feel free to comment. :)

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