Tuesday, May 08, 2007

On World Building

One of the aspects I most enjoy about writing is creating believable yet strange worlds for my MCs to roam. When creating a culture, I like to throw in contradictions or idiosyncracies that add interest to the setting, just as it does with characters. Having the ability to manipulate a universe is one of the joys of writing fantasy or sci-fi (IMHO).

Creating many layers for a fictional culture is what helps bring it to life. History, religions, traditions and laws can shape a civilization just as effectively as the climate or terrain of the world. Laws and traditions can be a powerful influence, even when the meaning or reason behind them has been lost.

On Draxis, it's the universal religion of the planet that dictates all weapons must be primitive (in stark contrast to their advanced aerospace technologies, genetics and other sciences). Their traditions often clash with their scientific knowledge. Not unlike Earth, in that regard. ;)


Kimber An said...

You do a fantastic job too, Laurie. Remember, I critted all of Draxis! I saw Minoan culture when I read it. I can't remember if that was your intention. It's interesting to learn what pictures the reader sees when she reads our stories, isn't it?

For a great article on world-building, you might want to pop over to the Alien Romance blog. You can get there through Linnea Sinclair's website. Her link is on my blog. She also has a great article on this and I believe it's on her MySpace page.

Laurie said...

Thanks Kimber An. :)

Yes, it's fun to mold a world around your story. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to change reality to suit your life, don't ya think? ;)

I'll go check out that article. Thanks for the lead.

Flick said...

This looks really good, Laurie. Something else for me to worry that I haven't done!

David de Beer said...

ah, you're posting on a regular basis now? cool, will link you up on my blog sometime next week
(and come back to read on a more regular basis)

Laurie said...

Hello Flick and David! Nice to see your comments here. :)

Flick, I highly recommend this blog (I think Google recently assimulated it so if you have a gmail account, you're set to create a blog). I'm terribly uneducated about how to navigate and manipulate a blog, but even I managed to figure some things out. ::: insert blonde lightbulb here :::

David, yes, I'll be posting regulary. Please link me. I'll get over to your blog to read [and hopefully comment] shortly.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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