Monday, May 07, 2007

Time and Reality

The subject may not be what you think. ;) No indepth analysis of Einstein's theories here (I'd be grossly out of my league). This post is a comment on the very limited time available to most writers, since most of us must hold down a "day job" or a business, run a household and raise kids, or have a variety of other distractions that impact our available time to write, research, network with other writers (critique and comment), or post to blogs and various writer's websites.

When I look at my schedule, I wonder how I manage to get anything done. But even with eleven hour days (work hours and commute), running a horse farm, managing two households (hubby is in the military), and standard chores like grocery shopping, paying bills, maintaining somewhat of a tenuous contact with relatives to let them know I'm still living (ha!), I still find time—or make the time—to write novels. I often miss self-imposed deadlines and get frustrated with the long and tedious process of edits and revisions, but still, I make progress.

*chants softly to self* We shall overcome. We shall overcome.

The most difficult thing for me is when my muse comes to call, and my mind goes into 'writing mode' but there's no way possible to write. All those fabulous scenes and sections of dialogue are whizzing through my head, but...I have to go to work, or see to a horse, or catch a flight, or I'm already late for an appointment. Such is the writer's life. :/


Kimber An said...

That's what a Dump Book is for, Laurie. I designed and sewed a purse specifically to fit mine. I've balanced it with dinner-making and yelling at the kids to stop jumping on the sofa while ignoring the ringing telephone. It's also handy when waiting in line anywhere. And I always keep it next to my bed at night. Hey, when I say I have a novel in Heaps & Piles, I mean that literally!

You can do it, Girlfriend. Just hang in there and manage your coffee consumption well.

Laurie said...

LOL Kimber An. I don't have a 'dump book' per se but I can relate to your having a novel in heaps & piles. I'm a scribbler. I keep notepads everywhere. Some of my best scenes were hurriedly jotted down on a series of Post-It notes or on blank calendar pages in my Day Runner. When inspiration strikes, I have this weird shorthand I use to capture random thoughts and concepts until I can get them in a document. Where there's a will there's a way! Just keep that coffee coming. :)

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