Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sister Blogs

My sister blogs tend to be a bit rowdier than "orderly and serene" Draxis, so enter at your own risk:

Spacefreighters' Lounge: An watering hole for legitimate United Space Authority-sanctioned pilots and outlaw space pirates alike. The center of my blog universe. Be sure to check out this site for the latest in Sci-Fi and Futuristic Fantasy muse motivators, science news, related genre book reviews, great links, and commentary.

The Toasted Scimitar: A Fantasy Pub (do you sense a theme here?) run by me and three of my rowdiest Fantasy writer pals. Read inspired articles on Fantasy-related subjects, book reviews, and enjoy some Fantasy-style tavern chatter and news. Be sure to leave your weaponry at the door. Brawls are strictly prohibited by the management. (Oh yeah, like that's going to work!)

Blog Successfully Updated

Draxian Trilogy was successfully updated to the new blog format today--June 30, 2007.

This means less frustration for the author, and that translates to...more posts!

Stay tuned. ;)

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