Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sister Blogs

My sister blogs tend to be a bit rowdier than "orderly and serene" Draxis, so enter at your own risk:

Spacefreighters' Lounge: An watering hole for legitimate United Space Authority-sanctioned pilots and outlaw space pirates alike. The center of my blog universe. Be sure to check out this site for the latest in Sci-Fi and Futuristic Fantasy muse motivators, science news, related genre book reviews, great links, and commentary.

The Toasted Scimitar: A Fantasy Pub (do you sense a theme here?) run by me and three of my rowdiest Fantasy writer pals. Read inspired articles on Fantasy-related subjects, book reviews, and enjoy some Fantasy-style tavern chatter and news. Be sure to leave your weaponry at the door. Brawls are strictly prohibited by the management. (Oh yeah, like that's going to work!)

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