Thursday, August 09, 2007

Snippets From Work

Since my livelihood has this annoying habit of intruding into my writing time ::: smirk ::: I sometimes have to be quick and creative. So often my Muse comes to call while I'm on the clock, and I have this brilliant stroke of genius...but I have ten items on my Must Do Yesterday! list and a meeting with the boss in three minutes. I don't have time to jot it all down now, and I won't be home for hours. By then...*poof* It's gone. So I email myself little snippets to try to jog my memory to recreate the scene later.

Here are a few of my inspired shorthand gems. Pretend it's a word puzzle. See if you can figure out what my cryptic messages mean. (And good luck!) Hint: At least one of these is a famous quote. LOL

Sh ddnt hr ftsps on tl

Th flg flyg ovhd ws bl nt grn

Gv m a tl shp & a st t str hr by

If u cl mltng n2 a pl of lqd survng

[I'll post answers later.] ;)


Kimber An said...

I have a blogging tip for you, Laurie. That spinning cube is really cool, but you might want to put it on the sidebar instead. When people surf through, if they don't see a new entry right off they keep surfing. They usually only scroll down if they're return visiters.

Flick said...

She didn't hear footsteps on ?
The flight flying over head was blue not green
Give me a tall ship and a star to steer her y!!
If you call melting into a pool of liquid surviving

Laurie said...

GREAT job, Flick!

1st: footsteps on tile

2nd: Super, but sub "flag" for "flight"

3rd: Bingo! You got it.

4th: LOL! Yup. That one was WWW inspired.

You're the winner! :) I should have had a prize, huh?

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