Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sometimes the Dragon Wins

...or Some of my Favorite Quotes

I'll make this an ongoing article. Quotes can have such a boost to motivation and the determination to succeed. So often the right quote at just the right time has pulled me out of the doldrums of self-doubt and moved me forward toward my goal at warp speed. It seems many of the most inspiring quotes can be applied to the writer's personal journey to publication. (Or maybe it's just something I'm obsessed with.) Here are just a few to kick off this series. Click on the "Favorite Quotes" label to pull up a list of these articles at any time.

Sometimes the Dragon Wins

(C) Me and a friend?

This may be an original. It was inspired by a greeting card. You may have seen it. The monstrous dragon staring down at the tiny knight who's holding up a very ineffective shield. The verbage? No guts, no glory. Amen. Back in the days when I was a reserve police officer, a fellow female officer and I came up with this quote. It was a reminder that the good guys don't always overcome the bad forces out there all of the time. It applies to writing as well, because in order to have a good story, you need to have struggle and conflict. Things don't always go well for the protagonists, because the antogonists must have their day too, just like in real life. What separates a great protag from an ineffective one is overcoming great difficulty, testing his/her courage to the limit. The moral, for protags and writers alike? Never give up.

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.

--Winston Churchill

Very profound when you think about it. This World War II era quote was long before the days of PCs, Microsoft and other world-changing products that built dynasties and garnered fortunes to rival many third world country economies. These were products of the imagination, of asking "What if..." and pure determination to make the dream a reality. Much like writing, that. :) And think of the leaps and bounds made by NASA, the Hubble telescope, and the scientific world in the last decade because of the power of human thought and imagination. The empires of the future Churchill foresaw were indeed mind empires.

Creation is an act of sheer will!

Not sure how to credit this. It was a direct quote by the John Hammond character in the original Jurassic Park film. But it so applies to writing! So often it's mind (and tons of determination) over matter. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Look for more Favorite Quotes in future articles.

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