Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thoughts on a Pen Name

To pseudonym...or not to pseudonym. That is the question.

My name is quite common. In fact, I've Googled other authors with the same name, except none of them appear to be Science Fiction/Futuristic/Paranormal Romance writers. And while it's also fairly easy to live with, I don't know if it would help to sell books. It's a bit flat and ordinary, ya know?

I'm curious to know any opinions or comments on this topic. I'd love to hear from some of my published fellow bloggers who do, or do not, use a pseudonym. Did you give this a lot of thought prior to publishing? Did your agent or editor have input? If so, did your particular genre play into the selection?

I wouldn't want a pen name that's too blatant. Laurie Starbuck? Laurie Lightsaber? Laurie Planethopper. Uh no, don't think so.

I was kicking around Laurie J. Oneida. Why? Well, I once did some geneology research and Oneida was the name of the county some of my ancestors lived in after they immigrated from Scotland and England. I don't remember the other details right now, but the name Oneida surfaced more than once in connection with my family tree. It ties to my roots and I like that. I also like the word association of Oneida to silver to computer circuitry. (OK, a bit of a stretch, but that's how my mind works.)

What are your thoughts?


Tia Nevitt said...

If your last name is Smith or Jones, then maybe you need a pen name. Since other authors have your name, you might want to consider the possibility.

I do like what you came up with!

Laurie said...

LOL My maiden name was Smith, Tia. That one I wouldn't use. Talk about obscurity in numbers. ;)

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